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Welcome To Sanctum Dive Indonesia

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable dive adventure in the stunning Togian Islands, with pristine house reefs teeming with fish, schools of barracuda, and healthy corals…

Or the beautiful Nusa Penida, with Manta Rays here year round and even the chance to see Mola Mola (Sunfish), this island close to Bali is a dream dive destination!

A little story about Sanctum

At the beginning 2015, Emmi and Andriy decided to start dive center and resort in the middle of Tomini Bay where the Togean Islands lies.

Emmi is a passionate PADI dive instructor from Finland, after working as dive instructor in the Togean islands for a little bit more than a year, she and her husband Andriy a local guy from the Togean island who is a PADI dive instructor as well, started own dive center and eco resort.

Una Una has been known for 20 years as a great diving destination in the Togean island, where the nature is still pristine and underwater life is still abundant. Coral is still in good shape because it’s located very far from the mass civilization. Moreover, there is still abundance of fish schools which is only possible if the ocean is still healthy and producing good amount of nutrition to support the underwater lives.

A thriving thousands of jack fishes, barracudas, rainbow runners, fusiliers are a good prey for monster fishes such as dogtooth tuna, marble groupers, blue marlin and orcas.

Eagle rays are seen frequently scouring the sands for shells and garden eels, and a rare tobies swarm phenomenon are rumored to have occurred only in Una Una island.
This swarm of small toby fishes appeared several times a year, inviting all kinds of snappers, turtles to come feed on them. These are the times of the year where no fisherman wants to fishing because no fish would actually catch their bait since they are all well fed from the tobies.

We thank the local villagers for the great job together to conserve the ocean and supporting the education of children in the island.

We believe that nature preservation and conservation is the key to keep the nature as it is and minimize human impact on the balance of the ecosystem.

That’s why we installed 3000 Watts of clean solar energy to make sure each and every one of our guests can enjoy staying and diving in Una Una. We use a lot of drift woods and natural stones in our wooden bungalows as well as the sauna for those who gets cold after a dive.

3 years go by and here we go again spreading our conservation minded idea in Nusa Penida Bali where there is as amazing underwater life at easier access.

We hope, if you haven’t already, that you will enjoy your diving with us and us accompanying your holiday moments. See you all soon.



+62 812 853 25669 (Andriy)


+62 812 853 25669


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