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How to get to Una Una

“It takes time, but it’s definitely worth it!”

1. The Fastest way to get to Una Una Volcano is by flying to Ampana (VPM).

If you’re coming from Europe, USA, Singapore the best connection is via Jakarta (CGK) and then to Palu.

You can book flights through and although they need to be booked separately, at Check In you can request your baggage is sent all the way to Ampana making the flight connection easy.

With a quick turnaround at Palu the flight times are;
Flight from Jakarta to Palu leaves at 05.00 am (Lion Air)
Palu (PLW) to Ampana (VPM) leaves at 9.30 am (Lion Air)

From Ampana to UnaUna island a 2 hour private speedboat ride is fastest however the cost is best split by travelling in a group to make it economically viable.

The alternative is to take the Manakara public speedboat from Ampana to the Togean island of Wakai at 13.00pm for 130,000 IDR.  From Wakai there are a few boat options to UnaUna island, please see below for more information on boats at Wakai.


2. Another option would be to travel via Gorontalo to Una Una

The Tuna Tomini public overnight ferry from Gorontalo (GTO) to Wakai in the Togean Islands.

From Wakai there are a few boat options to UnaUna island, please see below for more information on boats at Wakai.

You can fly to Gorontalo every day from Jakarta or take connections from KL – Makassar – Gorontalo or Singapore – Gorontalo.

Tuna Tomini overnight ferry times;
– Gorontalo to Wakai every Tuesday and Friday, departing Gorontalo at 18.00 pm and arriving the next morning about 6.00 am in Wakai
– Wakai to Goronta every Monday and Thursday, departing Gorontal at 17.00 pm and arriving the next morning about 5.30am in Wakai

Please allow around 1 hour to get between Gorontalo Airport and the Ferry Terminal.


You have 3 options on the ferry:
(1) sleep on economy class for Rp 64,000 (no AC),
(2) business class with AC for Rp 89,000 and you can rent a mattress for Rp 10,000,
(3) full cabin for Rp 500,000 for a maximum of 4 people.

Advanced bookings for cabin can be made through Melati Hotel or contact Mr Ardi +62 821 9474 3434 (whatsApp).

*Schedules and prices are subject to change without prior notice however we will try our best to notify you of any changes as promptly as possible.

3. The most expensive option Gorontalo – Marissa – Una una

Arrival Gorontalo at 10.30 am or before and take a private car to Marissa where you can catch your private boat to UnaUna for 4.000.000IRD /boat.

Call directly to captain Mr. Irfan

+62 85340306044 or +62 85340306045

We are happy to help with any further queries:

Contact Andri +62 812 853 25669 on Whatsapp or SMS

There are a few options from Wakai to Una Una Island;

1) Sanctum Private Speedboat takes approx 1hr and costs IDR 1.000.000 per boat per person, minimum 6 people.  Please notify Andri well in advance via Whatsapp +6281285325669

2) Local wooden boat takes 2-3 hours and costs IDR 800,000 shared by max 8 people.  Mr. Lapipi or Ms. Uni are local boat operators waiting to help you at Wakai harbour.

3) Cheapest option is the public boat every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 am, for Rp 50,000/person.

There is the possibility to see dolphins from the boat ride from Wakai to Una Una under nice weather conditions!!

Homestay at Wakai

If you have more time you could stay for one night on Wakai at Uni’s Basic Homestay for Rp 75,000, or take a 10-min boat drive to Sunset Beach for Rp 200,000 including a meal.

If you are looking to travel among the Togean Islands it’s generally easier to start from Una Una and then hop on to other islands by boats from here.

On Mondays, it is possible to reach Malenge or Gorontalo directly.

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