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Una Una offers underwater life similar to what you can find in Raja Ampat and Papua, but with more barracuda and less sharks.

On Una Una you will find over 1,000 reef fish species and huge corals, clear warm waters, massive school of fishes, rays, turtles, a tornado of barracudas, and corals so beautiful and pristine with some around 3,000 years old.

Una Una is an awesome place do diving, with more than 30 stunning dive sites near by we currently only dive in the east of the island, with a maximum 30 minute boat trip to the dive site.  However we hope that soon we will explore the west side also.

We have new muck dive sites, huge painted frogfishes, seahorses and leaf scorpionfishes, and reef sharks commonly sighted.

Until recently only very few divers know this place. We have been open for 6 months and now is the time to explore more this mystically beautiful area.

Be one of the first to diving these amazing dive spots.

Do it with Sanctum.

Sanctum Una Una offers 4-5 dives every day, 12 months a year, 7 days a week.

We have professional diving team made up of 2 instructors, 2 divemasters, and 2 local guides. Togian Island, Sulwesi, Indonesia

Groups are small, with maximum 5 people per guide. Dive times are long, with no time limits. Most of the dive sites are 5-10min boat ride away from the resort. One of our best dive sites, Jam, is just in front of Sanctum, featuring an amazing tornado of barracudas with white and black tip reef sharks often scuttle by. We also do a half day trip to Apollo Reef and the west side of the island.

Our Dive Equipment

All of our dive equipment is new from ScubaPro and Tusa along with a new Bauer compressor.

We have three small speed boats to ensure an enjoyable diving experience here in the Togean Islands with Sanctum Una Una.

Diving Sulawesi's Togean Islands

Around Una Una you will find slopes, walls, healthy reefs, pinnacles, muck diving, night diving, big stuff of just about everything, and sometimes even dolphins and whales pass by this remote part of Indonesia called the Togean Islands.



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