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Important notice: There have been rumors recently about the activity of Una Una Volcano and/or evacuation or imminent eruption. This is not true at all. The authorities have not released any evacuation notice nor there is visual activity at the volcano, so do not worry. We are still here, diving the best Sulawesi dives in the Togean Islands. Please do not heed these rumors emerging from neighboring islands or resorts, as they want diving in Una Una Island, the best in the region, remain undiscovered.

Why choose Sanctum UnaUna Togian Island Sulawesi Dive?

  • Wooden bungalows with sea and garden view
  • Diving for beginners and masters all around Togeans
  • Best dive sites full of big fishes schools and macros in the Togean island
  • Best know how of diving in UnaUnaTogian island
  • Easy-to-access snorkeling sites in front of the UnaUnaresort
  • Only diving training swimming pool on the Togean island
  • Stunning 78 meters long jetty with unforgettable sunset view overlooking Togian island
  • Amazing house reef full of fishes and barracuda schools
  • Restaurant with a mix of local and European cuisine
  • Sauna is available for you who sometimes get cold and can’t dive
  • Beautiful garden with coconut, papaya and banana trees
  • Eco friendly solar powered restaurant
  • Water is running 24 hours, the only place in the whole Togean island
  • Hot shower available, the only place in the Togian island
  • Wifi available for pay

Why choose Sanctum Nusa Penida Bali?

  • Professional and friendly dive staff
  • Wifi available for free
  • Manta point dive regularly
  • Amazing food and cocktails
  • Live music regularly with local band
  • Location is amazing, easy to reach and sunset is available
  • Amazing community service

Nusa Penida

Una Una

Dive with professional, multilingual and friendly staff that adapts dive plans to your personal wants and needs.

Dive in and learn about some of the most diverse marine environments in the Coral Triangle. We are dedicated to protecting and preserving the reefs we visit, removing one plastic bottle at a time.

Join our family! Sanctum is a place where guests leave as friends and friends become relatives…

Experience the true sense of freedom

“Stunning coastlines matched only in beauty by a lovely underwater life” A sample of how the diving is like, here in Una Una, Togean Islands

“Every spot is a sanctuary for relaxation, every moment a chance to blend with nature” Andri (Owner) Send SMS, or WhatsApp. On the island phone signal is weak, with Indosat’s being okay.

We Would Love to Have You Visit Soon!

Enjoy the lack of noise of traffic. Savour the sea breeze, feel the salt on your skin. togian island | sulawesi dive



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