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Important notice: There have been rumors recently about the activity of Una Una Volcano and/or evacuation or imminent eruption. This is not true at all. The authorities have not released any evacuation notice nor there is visual activity at the volcano, so do not worry. We are still here, diving the best Sulawesi dives in the Togean Islands. Please do not heed these rumors emerging from neighboring islands or resorts, as they want diving in Una Una Island, the best in the region, remain undiscovered.

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Going on holiday is a great way to refresh and get to know different places. For some time, it is also a great way to meet new people in life such as friends or even new loved ones. The list of benefits that are associated with going on holiday is endless. But, whether you get to benefit from going on holiday or not depends on the choice of a holiday destination. What is worth mentioning is the fact that financing holidays is not usually easy. In most cases, a lot of money has to be sourced in order to successfully finance a holiday. Based on this, enjoying a holiday is inevitable. Otherwise, it can lead to the wastage of money and even personal frustrations. But, there is something you can do to make your holiday worthwhile and avoid wasting money as well as time. This is clearly explained below.

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You can actually increase your chances of enjoying your holiday this summer by almost 90 % and over. The one thing you can do is to emulate people who search for Togean island or Dive Indonesia when preparing for a holiday. You can do this a couple of months prior to going for a holiday or even a year before depending on how soon you intend to go for a holiday. In as far as proper planning is concerned, the latter option is often recommended since it gives holiday goers ample time to be ready for their holiday trips. Doing this is by far one of the easiest and most convenient ways to come across a perfect holiday destination that you will live to remember all the days of your life.

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When you do this, you will enjoy countless benefits. First of all, you will be able to come across some of the best holiday destinations that are available today. In particular, you will be able to come across holiday packages that involve visiting some of the most breath-taking islands on earth. For example, you may come across holiday packages that include a visit to Indonesia where a number of tourists often flock to for purposes of diving. There are several other activities that attract visitors to such holiday packages.

Some activities worth mentioning include enjoying the feel of the sand on the sandy beaches, viewing exotic plants and animals as well as seeing the sunset. Depending on your personal preferences, you can also go surfing on the sea. There are many people who choose to sign up for such holiday packages for purposes of going surfing. If you want, you can simply enjoy the mild sun that characterizes the island. There are also tourists who simply go to the islands for purposes of tasting some of the local treats that the country has to offer. Without a doubt, the holiday experience is certainly memorable and definitely worth going for.

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“Stunning coastlines matched only in beauty by a lovely underwater life” A sample of how the diving is like, here in Una Una, Togean Islands

“Every spot is a sanctuary for relaxation, every moment a chance to blend with nature” Andri (Owner) Send SMS, or WhatsApp. On the island phone signal is weak, with Indosat’s being okay.

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