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We are happy to offer a variety of SSI Specialty Diver Courses for divers looking to expand their SCUBA diving skills.

Congratulations, now you have arrived to the most interesting Dive Specialty courses that Nusa Penida is offering and the most fun and amazing course can be concluded in 4 courses below,

We have many other Specialty Courses that you can take but these ones are the most recommended:


As you would already know, diving deep has its own challenges and amazing feeling. Doing a DEEP dive specialty gives you access to diving at maximum 40 meters deep.

As recreational divers going deep, you would need to understand the effect of extreme pressure on the body and the gas solution in body tissues. As you pass certain depth the Nitrogen Narcosis feeling will start to kick in, and at a good pace the feeling can be pretty amazing. Join our deep courses for 2 days and 4 dives, and have an experience of a lifetime.


(Price IDR 5.000.000)


Going underwater, enhances not only your balance, but also your spatial recognition ability.

In underwater you would need to enhance your senses in 3D mode to keep paying attention and be aware of your surroundings at all times. The use of compass and landmarks is one of the important skills to master, but not only that you will need to pay much attention to the 3D world that is underwater, its very different than in land because we normally only deal with 2D landscape.

This course is very nice to increase your confidence in diving in any dive sites and mastering the dive site as you will and remembering where each and every special animal resides.

(Price IDR IDR 4.200.000)


At Nusa Penida is very renowned for its strong current in the north because of the tides and oceanic movement from South China sea to the Indian Ocean. This current brings much food for fishes small or big alike, and thatg nutrition makes sure there is so much amazing life at the sea and coral life is so healthy and amazing.

Not only those qualities, this current makes it possible to do a DRIFT DIVING specialty course.

At drift diving specialty course, you would learn how to minimize your movement and let the current takes you at amazing sightseeing underwater, while tuning your buoyancy at amazing skills to not hit the coral reefs and enjoy the laziest dive of your life.

You would only need to swim at critical moments and let the current take you to the animation of fishes

At this course we may add special skills such as Negative entry and or SMB deployment.

This is one world of a fun diving!

(Price IDR 3.000.000)


As you would already heard of NITROX (Nitrogen Oksigen) is a special mix of gas, mainly Nitrogen and Oksigen. According to the theory, scuba diving is limited by the amount of nitrogen dissolved in the body, so if we decrease the amount of nitrogen that we breath theoretically we would be able to stay longer in the water.

By this mix, we generally increase the amount of Oxygen, anything above 25% contents of Oxygen would be called nitrox. This mix is normally use by photographers and diving mania who really loves to stay really long time underwater!

Taking this course would take 1 day only

(Wet course 2 dives with Nitrox – IDR 3.400.000)

(Dry course theory and cert on land – IDR 2.300.000)

We are happy to offer a variety of PADI Specialty Diver Courses for divers looking to expand their SCUBA diving skills.
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