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Thanks much for your interest in doing Professional level of diving. We can conclude it in 2 general categories which is divemaster and instructor. Now not only earning the rating of these Divemaster and Instructor brings you in a world of opportunity to travel the world and see all the amazing and different environment for diving. Remember to keep enhancing your skill by going diving regularly and in different environment. 


We are proving Divemaster SSI, two most recognized Dive Certification agencies in the world. Both are ISO standard and are recognized worldwide.

Divemaster normally takes 4 weeks to 6 weeks to finish. You need to be 18 years old and have Rescue Diver and EFR license and have logged dive 40 dives minimum and are physically healthy and cleared OK by physician to dive.

Doing divemaster training not only will enhance you diving skills it will also enhance your customer service skills and problem solving. Learn as much as you can from your mentor normally we assign 1-2 instructor or teams to run the schedule and planning weekly to make sure you tick the boxes, and as well as so many fun dives with dive buddies every single day.

Price (IDR 11.700.000 SSI)

Including training and training gears

Not including Divemaster manual or crewpack (+/- IDR 4.000.000)

Not including agency membership fees ( +/- IDR 2.500.000)


We are running a Instructor Training Center SSI as well, this program creates more teacher for basic diving programs such as Open Water diver, Advance, Rescue until Divemaster)

With instructor rating, you would normally be looked after by many dive center to work as the demand for instructor normally is very high.

This course ITC takes aboutj 21 days to finish and is a workshop intensive, at swimming pool and open water practices.

Prepare to have the study and absorb so much information from our so knowledgeable Instructor Trainer.

After the training we will do the IE (Instructor Exam) that is a quality control provided by Dive Certification agencies to verify your training and finally issue your credentials to teach.

Please send us message and we can inform you when is the next SSI ITC at our dive center

( Price Training including gears, lunch, SSI material IDR 35.500.000)