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Nusa Penida Island Tour / Activities


Also known as biggest island just 45 minutes off Bali. We could say Nusa Penida dive environment as arguably the best in Bali area. Blessed geographically just in the major oceanic currents that travels between South China sea to Indian Ocean and vice versa, major oceanic current like this brings a lot of nutrition such as krills, plankton, and is used by pelagic marine animals to travel far away riding the currents and feeding as well.

Notably we have seen whale sharks, humpback whales, dolphin pods, mola mola, manta rays, tresher sharks, hammerhead, even great white shark have visually been spotted in the waters off Nusa Penida diving.

Not only underwater life, the island scenic landscape and sheer size of it, creates a weather and climate unlike any other.

There are several sightseeing places that is famously recognized, some of them are easy to reach. While others are a little bit adventurous. We recommend spend about 4 days staying in the island to get full experience and good vibe of the island.

We suggest, if you are able to ride a motorbike, that you rent one once you arrive on the island and use it to drive to the scenic places. However, if you are unable to ride a motorbike. You could also rent a motorbike driver, or car for a full day trip or half day trip.

The island is getting congested by the sheer number of cars, so it would be best to travel in the party of 3 or more to lessen the traffic and respect the nature.

There are some places that is quite nice to visit:

  1. Klingking Beach

Also known as TREX Beach, this beach is curved like a TREX and has been a very famous place to be visited by tourists. The road down to the beach can be challenging, we suggest you bring hiking shoes and a lot of water. However, the beach is worth the visit. You will be amazed at how soft and white is the sand.

  1. Diamond beach/Atuh Beach

Located adjacent to each other, Diamond Beach and Atuh beach offers unparalled tropical island beaches swarmed with palm trees and view to kill for. Highly recommended to visit.

  1. Suwehan beach

Facing Indian Ocean down south, Suwehan Beach is probably the quietest of all the nice beach in Nusa Penida. Lush of trees and vegetation this beach has a nice vibe to just get away from it all and probably take a little picnic in the afternoon would be amazing

  1. Goa Giri Putri (Giri Putri Cave)

One of the center of Balinese religious sites. Goa Giri Putri is a cave that is quite enormous, it runs from the edge of a hill to another. Wearing a Balinese sarong is a must, and you can rent it at entrance

  1. Tembeling Forest

Natural infinity pool from the rocks facing the Indian ocean is not something you see on everyday setting. The road here can be bumpy, unless you are a good biker, it would be best to hire a Ojek when you are about to entrance the forest. The spring is so clear and clean water that is filtered by the nature itself.

  1. Teletubies Hill

Named after famous children cartoon, looked exactly like that. Teletubies Hill is a beautiful hills on a quite high elevation so quite temperate air. We suggest to bring a hoodie, and take a little run throughout the hills. It makes great jogging and wait for the sunset on south would make a great day

  1. Guyangan Spring

The limestones island collected rainwater and put it underground reservoir, there are several springs that emerges from this. Guyangan is one of them. Road to here can be difficult, its not for the faint of heart.

  1. Crystal Bay

Famous beach for snorkeling and swimming alike, Crystal bay offers crystal clear water and lots of colorful fishes. Many people spend sunset time here too.

Tips. After swimming in the sea, you can swim in the river to next to it to take a shower

  1. Angel’s Billabong

Billabong in the southwest of Nusa Penida, offers great Instagram picture. It is near to several sightseeing places like Klingking and Broken Beach. Remember to plan arrival at seawater below the edge or not too wavy

  1. Manta ray viewpoint

Located on the south cliffs, the road to here can be difficult and confusing. Manta rays can be seen in almost all the south cliffs area, however they are almost always can be seen at manta point as it is their cleaning and feeding and mating station.

*traveling to and from these places best be done with a car/bike driver/guide. However, if you choose to do it by yourself. Please use google maps to navigate and drive responsibly and safely.