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Diving Nusa Penida



Sitting in 7 metres of water, nestled inside this protected bay, is the Manta “cleaning station” where mantas swim overtop of the same enormous boulder and allow the little cleaner wrasse to eat off the parasites that cover their bodies. The water temperature ranges between 20-24⁰ C and is often rich in plankton.

​The Mantas found around Nusa Penida are classified as Reef Mantas (Manta alfredi), measure from 4-5 metres in wing-span, and are black on their backs and white underneath (or sometimes black) with black or white markings which allow scientists, and divers, to identify them. They are harmless creatures, feeding on plankton, and giving birth to a single live young, once every two years.



On the other side of the island, you will find the not-to-be-missed dive site of Crystal Bay. Here, between June and October, you can marvel at the incredible Mola Mola (Sun fish), which can grow up to 3 metres.

S.D stands for SekolahDasar and is named for the Indonesian primary school that lies adjacent to the site on the shore, S.D is a popular site with many divers in Bali. The coral slopes down at a 45 degree angle and is home to an abundance of reef fish including red toothed triggerfish, unicorn fish, angel fish and butterfly fish. There is often a drift of up to 4 knots making this an exciting dive.

Named for the temple on the shore Puraped is host to some very healthy sloping down into the deep.

Toyapakah means salt water in Indonesian. During late summer – November it is often possible to spot molamola in this area. Located near the small fishing village of Toyapakah, this dive site is the home of the Quicksilver aqua platform and day water sport center. Divers here will enjoy amazing coral and healthy reef.

Jack’s Point
On the East side of Nusa Lembongan, Jack point is sometimes referred to as Mangroves or Sakenan. The coral slopes gently outwards and has often been compared to diving in a giant underwater aquarium due to the many varieties of reef fish found here!

Blue Corner
Are you hoping to dive with big stuff like MolaMola (sunfish) or a school of bullrays or reef sharks while cruising in strong current? Reserved only for the experienced diver (Advanced Open Water Diver, with drift diving experience), this site offer some of the most extreme condition around Bali. But with harder conditions comes great reward.

Manta Point
This Manta cleaning station is located on the south-west side of Nusa Penida. This site provides a fantastic opportunity to see Manta Rays, often in large groups just circling around waiting to be cleaned.

Manta Point is a cleaning station for the local giant mantas. The plankton rich waters can attract many mantas, sometimes up to 10 at a time. The Mantas are often curious and will swoop down to get a closer look at divers. It can be the dive of a lifetime, if you see the Mantas dancing!

Sometimes other larger marine life can be spotted here as well with reports of the occasional Nurse shark, Bamboo Shark and sunfish.