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Sanctum Resort

We believe life must be filled with amazing dives, with amazing people at amazing locations.

At Nusa Penida – Bali we have created super convenient dive resort with King size bed, fast internet 5G, eco solar heater and aircon, Sauna, Steam, swimming pool and spacious rooms with friendly and professional staff to cater to your diving needs.

Built from, by and for divers.

Here below is the package prices for dive and stay:

1 nights – 2 dives daily dive    : 1.950.000 IDR

2 nights – 4 dives daily dive    : 3.900.000 IDR

3 nights – 6 dives daily dive    : 5.500.000 IDR

4 nights – 8 dives daily dive.   : 7.000.000 IDR

5 nights – 10 dives daily dive  : 8.750.000 IDR

From this price includes         :

  1. All gears, boat, guide, towel, drinks and snacks and fruits on boat
  2. Breakfast at dive center every day before diving
  3. Lunch at dive center after diving
  4. Transport to and from hotel to dive center at designated time 8:00 am everyday and back when finish

Not included                            :

  1. Ticket entrance island at 25.000 IDR per person
  2. Transport around the island (with bike and/or car)
  3. Transport in and out of the island
  4. Miscellaneous shopping or tips

For more nights, get a special discount contact us

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Sanctum Resort
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Frequently Visited Dive Sites
  • Manta point : Top 1 dive destination in Bali and all of Indonesia, Manta point offers near certainty of finding big manta rays majestically flying through the huge bommies of coral pinnacles, little walls of corals and sloping with sand with a lot of sting rays and some reef sharks and eagle rays.


Highly sought after trip, we dedicate a trip to this place very frequently

Highly recommended for anyone visiting Nusa Penida Island

  • Toyapakeh : Normally visited during high tides to make sure the current at a very friendly pace, Toyapakeh boasts a vibrant colorful reefs filled with turtles, schools of fishes, and if you are lucky mola mola/sunfish during the season which starts from July – November


Highly recommended after manta point dive sites

  • SD point : Located in front of Sekolah Dasar (elementary school) in North reef, SD point is amazing for Drift Diving specialty, since it boasts a long line of drift in the coast of Penida island. Reaching good speed and fun animation of turtles and big schools of fusiliers, chubs, batfishes and watch out for sharks passing by in the blue every once in a while. Simply maintain your buoyancy and relax, no need to exert yourself the current is taking you in for a ride


Highly recommended any time of the day and any season of the month

  • Crystal Bay : The most dived bay in Nusa Penida island, Crystal bay is famous for its mola mola sighting in the season of July – November every year. The chances of seeing mola mola here at the right season and right timing is so great that during the season of mola mola is a must place to visit this place


  • PED : Named after the great temple PED, this is amazing dive sites for beginners and pro alike, it offers the chances to do nice easy dive skill in some shallow sandy patch area, and continue to dive along the north coast reefs that is teeming with fish life, turtles, and if you are lucky a Tresher shark


  • Buyuk : Located in almost eastern edges of north coast, Buyuk offers great deep dive and has reef quality similar to those of PED and SD, with a little bit of current changes, so its highly unpredictable where the current might bring you to the west or the east


  • Mangrove : Just in front of Mangrove conservation site in Nusa Lembongan, this dive site is only for advanced diver due to the drift dive can reach at 8 km/s, visibility normally super amazing and filled with healthy vibrant reef, barracudas and many reef fishes are normally here. Watch under the corals, you probably would see some nice white tip reef sharks resting after a night hunt


  • Blue corner : Located on the northern Nusa Lembongan, this dive sites must be carefully planned depending on the tides and temperature, to find the best chances to see mola mola. A dive site for experienced divers only, here we can see amazing marble rays, eagle rays and many other amazing fishes. Highly for experienced divers on mola mola season


  • Blue Garden : The coral gardens in the blue will never be able to be forgotten by divers since it is filled with huge bommies of coral pinnacles and table corals, you will find many batfishes schools, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, napoleon fishes, and never forget to sometimes peek in the blue while drifting to have a chance to see Whale Shark, Hammerhead shark and or Tresher shark


  • Karang sari : Amazing place for diving at the eastern of the island, Karang Sari offers quiet dive site for divers since its so far and rarely visited by divers. Mola mola is a chance to see here at the season July- November, and has similar qualities that northern coast has


There are other dive sites all over Penida, these above are normally dived and are well known. Should you have enough group and experienced diver enough (+/-) 100 dives. We can arrange a special trip to namely Banah Rock, Trevally Ally, WC and or Malibu points.

All are very rarely dived due to the distances and difficulties but yes we can make it happen if you are 6 people or more and has at least 100 dives on the log.

Sanctum Resort
Sanctum Resort
Sanctum Resort
Frequently Visited Dive Sites


The route to Nusa Penida Bali is in general pretty easy to travel. As rising popularity in recent years, the Nusa Penida opens many hubs to Bali mainland.

In general, there are 3 main entry to Nusa Penida, these below starting from the most popular ones.

Please keep in mind that these schedule times are not updated very frequently, for more accurate timing please send us whatsapp message.

1. Sanur Harbor – Banjar Nyuh Nusa Penida ( Makbeng Restaurant google map) offers the most travelled route between Sanur Bali to Nusa Penida, it offers daily speedboat price 125.000 IDR per person from 7.00 am in the morning until 500 pm in the afternoon. This trip takes about 50 minutes long.

This speedboat serviced by many companies such as Angel Bilabong speedboat, Maruti Speedboat, Semabu Hills Speedboat and many other.

Simply say you want to go to Nusa Penida and chances are you are going to find a boat from this Sanur harbor.

This route is also traveled back to Sanur from Banjar Nyuh Harbor the timing is from 700 am to 4.20 pm respectively with the incoming from Sanur.

2. Kusamba ( south east Bali) to Sampalan – Nusa Penida, Kusamba is a beach port near Padang Bai, this speedboat service from 6.00 am until 4.00 pm in the afternoon and vice versa from the Nusa Penida harbor. This trip costs about 50.000 IDR per way and is taking about 30 minutes long. This route is useful if you come from North Bali or Gili islands to the Nusa Penida island or vice versa.

3. Padang Bai – Gili Islands

There is a ferry service from Padang Bai to Nusa Penida every day. This is useful if you come with car or bike, however please be cautious the ferry can be very busy and normal leaving times is not as punctual as the speedboat. The timing normally starts at 8.00 am and 10.00 am.

In the normal times, there is as well a speedboat service transfers direct through Padang Bai from the Gili Islands.

Namely company who is doing this Nusa Penida – Gili Island is Semaya One speedboat and Golden Crown speedboat.

Please keep in mind the most reliable and easy mode of transport is the number 1 and 2 above.

If you need further information please send us a whatsapp message wa.me/6281285325669.

Sanctum Resort
Sanctum Resort