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7 Fun and Adventurous Things To Do In Togean Islands


7 Fun and Adventurous Things To Do In Togean Islands

Togean, a part of the Togean Archipelago, is an Indonesian island in the Gulf of Tomini. Administratively, it is the part of the Tojo Una-Una regency of central Sulawesi and consist mostly of the Togean sub district and makes the western part of the island. The island only has a population of ten thousand and is spread across an area of about 237 square kilometers making it the second largest island in the archipelago. Togean is said to be formed by some volcanic activity.

You will hardly find the Togean islands in any guide books, yet they are the most beautiful place one can ever visit. From beautiful white sandy beaches to turquoise waters and palm trees, these islands are a little slice of paradise. To help you make most of your stay, we have created a list of the best things to do in the Togean islands.

  1. Swim at Mariona lake with the non-stinging jellyfish

This lake is one of the major highlights of this place as it is filled with the non-stinging jellyfish which are in pink, blue and ghostly white colors. This place proves to be fantastic to take pictures.

  1. Visit the villages of Bajau people

The traditional fishermen of Togean, also known as the Bajau people and the sea gypsies, live in villages built over the coral reefs. Some of these villages are really photogenic and worth visiting.

  1. Dive! Dive! Dive!

You surely need to add diving in your to-do list in Togean islands. There are a number of breathtaking reefs and old wrecks such as Nusa-Penida dive scattered all around the archipelago where you can go diving and snorkeling.

  1. Spend a night on a deserted island

This has to be the most adventurous thing one can do in his lifetime. Swimming in the warm ocean surrounded by glowing plankton has to be the best experience.

  1. Hike up at UnaUna volcano

UnaUna volcano is a short volcano which is 500 meters above the sea level. Hiking UnaUna volcano is definitely a fun way to spend a day in the islands. The view from the top of it is a treat. It is recommended taking a guide with you to lead up safely and also as the path remains slippery after rain.

  1. Enjoy a lazy afternoon at Karina beach

Karina beach is a huge beach with white sand which means it is a deserted beach. You can easily spend your afternoon by lazily sitting on the sand reading a book.

  1. Enjoy the waterfall in Wakai

Wakai is a small fishing port located in the Togean islands. At a distance of a few kilometers from here is a small waterfall which is a nice place for a hike.

Therefore, one must try visiting these islands at least once in his lifetime to have an amazing and adventurous experience. The Togean island definitely is an amazing picnic spot to have fun with your family.

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