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Paddle With Two Great Creatures At Nusa Penida

Paddle With Two Great Creatures At Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida near Bali gives an incredible chance to dive with mola mola (the oceanic sunfish) and manta rays, two of the greatly extraordinary big animals to paddle within the ocean. Nusa Penida has such an enormous variety of dive areas for trained scuba divers; we believe that you will expect to return again and again. Don’t skip...

Best Dive Center Nusa Penida

Dive In Nusa Penida For Utmost Fun And Adventure

The diving in & around Nusa Penida would be just excellent! It has amazing dive spots where you have a good possibility of seeing the famed and rare Mola Mola, also known as Oceanic Sunfish, among other marine life. From August through October, the best time to look for it is during the day. The Mola Mola normally...


Experience The Richness Of Indonesia With A Slice Of Diving Adventure

Indonesia is the perfect tropical paradise with white sand beaches, gorgeous diving spots, remote islands, phenomenal beaches, and a perfect destination for exploring underwater. Nusa Penida is home to millions of marine species. Surrounded by coral reefs, it is a great destination for learning scuba and deep sea diving. Explore the Remote and Lesser Known Diving Spots Indonesia is...

6 Lost Paradise Islands You’ve Hardly Heard of

There is an opinion that the islands are the best places for those who want to retire. However, in practice it is far from so, because washed by the seas and oceans areas of land are usually full of visitors and tourists. Fortunately, if you turn off the paths trodden by travellers, you can always find really...


The Top Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

There are numerous advantages to scuba diving. A great many people would concur that they dive for the pure delight in encountering the underwater world, so unique for us and genuinely awesome. IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION While being underwater, your body is presented to a pressure inclination. All your body muscles are working properly and need oxygen to do...



Scuba stands for "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus." It is gear that allows you to complete a range of underwater explorations and activities. Scuba in addition refers to groups of individuals who engage in or are enthusiasts of scuba diving. Scuba diving lets you explore the deeper undersea, rather than simply a few meters under the surface. It...


Scuba Diving Comes Up with the True Fun and Thrill

Want to explore the real thrill in life? You can join the scuba diving training that helps you to explore the life under water. It’s easy to find the professional scuba diving courses and make sure that you can now give life a new start. It’s important to take the necessary safety measures ensuring that you can...