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Charms of Nusa Penida


Charms of Nusa Penida

We take holidays to spend time with the family and with you. But choosing the perfect destination of holidays might be like chewing the nuts. But after you had done with your search for the best holiday place it will make you calm. You will fill with the light of joy if you chose Nusa Penida as a holiday destination. Because there’s an uncountable reason to visit Nusa Penida. So here have a look at why you should visit the Nusa Penida.

Kelingking Beach hike

It’s time to show up your shutterbug side and admire the views from above; it remains a fantastic experience ever. If you just step towards the beach there is an incredible staircase, if you don’t like hiking you can enjoy this beach spot. When you are in Nusa Penida you need to hike down to the Kelinhgking Beach and spend est of the day here. it is one of the best places in Nusa Penida.

Angel’s Billabong

Although it’s not an easy task to reach there, riding the bike at least for one hour you will find a space with magical vibes. You need to be careful before you jump into swimming. This place has massive waves, so try to visit this place at the end of the day, and avoid coming in the morning.

Broken Beach – after the Angel’s Billabong just a couple of walk from this palace there is another place that was used to be a massive cave. You can find this spectacular place one of the best places in the Nusa Penida. Due to the collapsing of the roof a long time ago, a hole gives the accessibility in the rock formations.

Moreover, you might be hungry after this hectic visit, so there are several best places to eat in Nusa Penida. What you have to do is to do a little search. If you love western food you cannot past the best restaurants. Nusa Penida is the best destination for western food. In Indonesian food, you will feel the taste of its culture. And; if you would, like to prefer the food spots where all other locals visit then BFC (best friend chicken) is the perfect spot for you. Onwards when you keep moving towards the Sanctum dive, you feel graced by watching the cafes. This place is known for its cafés and also due to the pleasant seaside bevy. You can enjoy the Penida Espresso, cocktails over there.

If you have the plan to go afterward the Nusa Penida then you must visit Sulawesi dive place which laps in the marine warm water. This place offers dive sites. It is one of the best resort destination sites in the world. Finding the affordable site here not and difficult task, these attractions of Sulawesi compel the visitors.

Indonesia is full of magical spots that make your travel memorable. With its calm and beautiful vibes, you can spend the rest of the holiday time with your family or friends.

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