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Explore Marine Life and Swim with Manta Rays with Deep Water Diving


Explore Marine Life and Swim with Manta Rays with Deep Water Diving

Does adventure fuel your soul? It is one life and it is imperative that one should experience different things, travel, and explore new places. One of the most pristine and soul feeding experience is under water diving. It opens one to a whole new world of marine life and is a thrilling experience.

Experiencing the marine life in Indonesia

Indonesia is a gorgeous country with several beautiful beaches, islands, and scuba diving locations. The diving adventure in the picturesque Togean Island is like no other. It gives you a chance to explore life underwater, swim with a school of fishes, witness colorful corals and swim with the Manta Rays.

  • The island is located remotely in Indonesia. A true tropical paradise with whitewashed sand beaches. The crystal-clear water is perfect for diving as it is surrounded by coral reef.
  • The protected reefs are taken care. The scuba diving experts help you in exploring the underwater in the Island without disturbing the marine life.
  • Witness several endangered marine species in the water of Island of Togean. The island is isolated and has incredible flora and fauna.
  • Stay in an eco-resort in the island and live your scuba diving dream. If you wanted to get a certification, go diving with experts and become a certified diver.

There are many beautiful locations which are perfect for scuba diving. If you are looking forward to pursuing a PADI open water course, this is your time. It is a professional course taught under the guidance of expert scuba divers. The instructors are highly professional and take care of the safety.

Swim with the Manta Rays

There are many locations around the Island where one can swim with the Manta Rays. The Manta Points are generally located hidden and they are protected bay. However, with help of professional scuba diving, you can dive with manta and swim with these fascinating marine creatures.

The Manta Rays are found across many places in the water of these Islands. However, to dive and swim with them, we must know the location. The professional scuba diving sessions take you to the spot where you can swim with the Manta Rays and enjoy a lifetime of experience.

The Manta Cleaning station is located within the protected bay where they swim and place on top of huge boulders. This is a site to watch as the wrasse clean off the parasites from their body. They are easy to identify, harmless and very friendly marine creatures.

Get a Scuba Diving Certification

The Island of Togean and many other topical islands is Indonesia is perfect for getting a certified course in scuba diving. The PADI open water diver course gives you an internationally recognized diver license. The course includes many facets like deep diving, navigation, identification of fishes etc.

The best part of becoming a certified diver is the luxury to dive into the deep waters across the world. The advanced course help you become a professional diving instructor and teach deep sea diving and assist scuba diving across different locations in the world.

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