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Diving In Togean Island


Diving In Togean Island

One of the pristine islands in the Indonesian belt is the Togean Island. If you have scuba in your mind and want to experience the best diving, head towards this Indonesian island. Due to the remoteness and almost uninhibited state of the island, the corals are untouched and thriving. They attract a diverse marine life with enormous schools of fish. The location is one of the best diving spots in the world with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The main attractions of the island

The best location for diving in the island is the Bomba Aoll reef. It is a must visit for all the divers with panoramic view of the ocean, full of fishes and sharks. If you are lucky enough you can witness big groups of Jackfish, Napoleons and also Barracudas. The Gap, Dominik Rock, Batugilla and The Crack are some other diving spots in the region.

Training and experience

If you are an experienced diver or one with the passion for diving, there are many sites suitable for all levels of training and experience. The experienced divers can witness coral gardens to drop-offs, and wreck dives to caves while diving. Guided dives with certified divers and training courses are available for newbies. Rarotonga is a superb location for the learners as the water is clear and warm. The shore diving is however limited to shallow lagoon. All the 30 spots for diving are easily accessible by boat.

Best trainers in the location

Amongst various diving resorts in the location, Sanctum Dive Indonesia is one of the best. They have experienced divers whom one can hire for diving courses. They also have guided boat dives with all the necessary equipment and experts on-board. The learners or experienced divers can dive in the best spots of the island without any fear as the resort has a group of emergency responding team. So, for your unforgettable dive adventure in the stunning Togean island take the services of Dive Indonesia.

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