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How to Be a Better Diver with Good Strategies?

How to Be a Better Diver with Good Strategies?


When it comes to diving, people often seem to have some misunderstanding that learning diving is an easy game. Diving indeed a fun activity but for the ones who want to learn it deeply, so many essential tactics are there to consider.

If you are one of those who want to learn diving just for once in a lifetime experience then it is totally fine to leave your once-in-a-lifetime experience on the diving experts. But the ones who want to become professional in diving; there is so much to learn in deep.

One of the most famous fun sports “diving” is not as easy as it seems as you only need to outscore all the contestants which are truly a tough task. Youngsters nowadays have a misconception about diving that the more twists and somersaults you can do, the better diver you can become. This is just a myth as Trawangan dive is more than twists and somersaults.

If you are looking for some real and best techniques of diving at Togian Islandyou are absolutely at the right page. In this blog, we will tell some of the best strategies of Trawangan dive.

As a professional, you need to understand that strategies like the more you can do twists and somersaults, the better diver you are known as can backfire you. This thing is one of truest thing for the divers, especially the ones who took diving as a competition.

Aspiring divers need to commit serious efforts and time to make themselves perfect in diving whether as a trainer or a competitor. Here, we will be mentioning some techniques and strategies of diving in order to upgrade your diving skills.

Board work and takeoffs 

These are the best and most essential skills in diving since as a professional and skilled diver, you must master the skills of takeoff from the board. A good takeoff will offer you better height, speed and control in order to perform best.

Focusing on board works and take-offs can be a great strategy to improve the skills of diving. To enhance the skills of board work and takeoffs, you need to focus on below-given areas:

Weight room 

Working out helps you in making your legs powerful and stronger.

Dryland training 

Make a chart of practising hurdles, jumps and lunges on the dryland.


Another essential tactic of diving as achieving good entries is one of the skills achieved by countless hours of practices. So, in order to learn skills of good entries, work on the below-given areas:

Practice lineups in water

Falling into the water from a stationary position from the platform or a pool let diver practice entry and their posture while performing the Trawangan dive at Togian Island.

Dryland training 

Before getting into the water, you need to practice the entry position for each dive. To become a highly skilled diver, mark these dryland drills in your daily routine chart.

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