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Enjoy Scuba Diving In the Clear Waters and Have a Blast in Your Holidays


Enjoy Scuba Diving In the Clear Waters and Have a Blast in Your Holidays

Scuba diving may be the only way to explore the incredible underwater world, getting close to the mysteries and secrets of this aquatic universe with its incredibly exciting and diverse people. Floating under the azure waters, you’re in an ethereal–often violent–climate, with limited air supply on your back and only your fellow divers as your lifelines. Scuba diving has evolved over the years and decades into a non-competitive yet extremely exciting underwater activity. You must get trained first by enrolling in scuba diving courses before hitting the waters for your safety

SCUBA is the short form of’ Self-contained Breathing Apparatus Underwater.’ It was developed for the French Navy during World War II by the world-famous underwater explorer and conservationist, Jacques-Yves Cousteau (with more than a little help from Emilee Gagnan), in the mid-1940’s. Nevertheless, after the war, diving became a recreational sport that has since been taken over by millions around the world.

Current scuba diving equipment comprises of one (or more) gas cylinder, attached to the back of the diver. This gas tank is connected to an air hose and the demand (or diving) valve-this latter system regulates the air flow, so the air pressure in the diver’s lungs is the same as the water pressure. The buoyancy control device (BCD), essentially an inflatable jacket which regulates your buoyancy by adding or removing air, is among other gear / equipment used in diving.

Corals and marine life have to be protected as national treasures. Corals are fragile living organisms too, so please follow the’ Green Coral Code’ when you go diving:

  • Do not reach or step on live coral-it’s going to die.
  • Try to keep your feet away from the reefs as much as possible when carrying fins; a jump from your flipper would likely result in an unexpected water splash, which is sure to permanently damage the coral.
  • Try and manage the fall when diving; a hard landing on the corals will kill them.

There are a few strong scuba diving courses at international level in the country; please thoroughly check the operator’s qualifications, whether the instructors are PADI (or equivalent) accredited and whether the equipment available is of good quality in Bali idc.

A reasonable command of English is helpful, as the courses involve a fundamental understanding of physics, physiology, environment, etc. The standard swimming level is 10 years-there is no upper limit (the minimum age for some divers is 14 years).

You can strive to receive the minimum’ one star’ certification which takes around 4-5 days

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