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Dive In Indonesia: Tips To Enjoy More


Dive In Indonesia: Tips To Enjoy More

Indonesia is a great place to enjoy the underwater action with its 17000 islands. It is one of the biggest archipelagoes in the world contributing about 20% to the world’s coral population and underwater animals. All this is due to its unique location in the Indian Ocean as well as the Pacific Ocean that it enjoys such vibrant underwater wildlife. Unlike some countries, Indonesia has successfully maintained the integrity of its sea creatures and underwater wildlife. You can be a part of this underwater action by taking a trip for dive in Indonesia.

Diving is a great way to explore the underwater world, without disturbing the sanctity of nature there. You can swim with the fishes, visit coral colonies and be mesmerized by the exquisiteness of nature here. If you are planning to do it, these tips will definitely help you in planning the perfect trip:

  • – Choose the right location: Some of the places are known for the perfect diving action while others are good for beach life. You have to choose the one according to your interest. Togian Island is one of the popular locations for diving is you are looking for some underwater action. There are several others, which you can check out from 17000 islands.

  • – Book in advance: This is crucial if you are planning to go on a diving trip during peak season. However, it is a good habit to book hotels and diving trips in advance to avoid last minute hassles. You should also keep informing your hotel and diving instructor or manager about your arrival asking for details and itinerary.

  • – Safety first: Choose a diving instructor who is certified to giving diving lessons or trips. He is aware of all the required safety measures, gears and first aid which is given in case there is an unfortunate incident. You can also do a little research about the diving equipment and follow all the rules mentioned by the guide.

Doing a little research and following the direction of your guide will help in making your diving trip a fabulous experience. Go and explore this underwater world in Indonesia!

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