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Experience The Richness Of Indonesia With A Slice Of Diving Adventure


Experience The Richness Of Indonesia With A Slice Of Diving Adventure

Indonesia is the perfect tropical paradise with white sand beaches, gorgeous diving spots, remote islands, phenomenal beaches, and a perfect destination for exploring underwater. Nusa Penida is home to millions of marine species. Surrounded by coral reefs, it is a great destination for learning scuba and deep sea diving.

Explore the Remote and Lesser Known Diving Spots

Indonesia is a great country to learn diving or enjoy an adventure filled vacation with diving lessons. Indeed, Indonesia is beyond Bali and Nusa Penida offers phenomenal places to explore. A diving vacations means visiting remote Islands and going to places surrounded by amazing sea animals.

Nusa Penida as a whole has breathtaking vantage points, hidden cliffs, wonderful dive spots and gives a wonderful opportunity to swim with the Manta Rays. These magnificent sea creatures can be seen all year round. The professional scuba diving packages take divers to the Manta Ray Point. Nusa Penida is even home to the gorgeous Mola Mola or Sunfish.

One of the remote and less visited Islands is Nusa Penida is the Togean Island. The beauty of this Island is breathtaking and is not hounded by tourists. These Island are home to the enchanting coral reefs. Diving into the deep waters and explore coral reefs and swim with schools of barracuda.

Take Diving Lessons or Course Under Professional Guidance

Indonesia is a great place even to take diving lessons and get certified. When it comes to completion of the diving course, it is important to take the course under professionals. The PADI open water diving course is for beginners and it is a 3 to 4 day course.

The diving Nusa Penida course recognized and certify one with scuba diving certification. The PADI open water course qualify an individual to scuba dive till 18m. It is conducted under trained and experienced instructors. There are numerous dive pools where the course is conducted.

The advanced open water course is for professionals with PADI open water certification. It is for deep and core navigation. It is perfect for those who are interested in deep sea photography, peak performance buoyancy or for purpose of identification of different fishes.

Booking a Diving Package or Holiday to Indonesia

An all-inclusive diving vacation to Indonesia ensures you enjoy the vacation and indulge in all the adventure activity. The packages includes eco-friendly resorts as accommodation, transfers or pick up and down from airport, transfer to diving points and diving guidance by advanced and experienced diving instructor.

  • Nusa Penida is popular for Manta Rays. A diving trip to Nusa Penida means the fun of swimming with the friendly Manta Rays.
  • Visit the Manta Ray “Cleaning Station”. The Manta Rays swim above on top of boulders and this allows the wrasse to clean and eat off the parasites covering the body.
  • Indonesia is a great location for diving and scuba because it is warm, have all year marine creatures swimming around, and is surrounded by gorgeous flora and fauna.

Swim with different types of marine organisms like reef fish, unicorn fish, Mola Mola, Manta Rays, Angel Fish, Trigger Fish etc.

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